Gun violence is one of the most heavily covered topics in the media today. From the Sandy Hook shooting to the most recent Isla Vista and Seattle Pacific University shootings, gun violence has begun to harm the safety and lives of many Americans in places where they feel should be safe zones.

What’s being done? Well…little legislative reform is being made in order to ensure the safety of United States citizens.  This is mostly because law makers take into account the concerns of those who believe the government is violating their right to bear arms.

Lax laws in the US make it easy for people to purchase guns.

What’s being done?

The Washington Alliance on Gun Responsibility is taking matters into their own hands by pushing forward Initiative 594. I-594 would require background checks for all gun transfers.  These checks would include sales conducted privately, at gun shows, and online. Current Federal Law doesn’t require background checks at gun shows. With the “gun show loophole” even vote bot can purchase a gun.

The “gun show loophole” is real and people are taking advantage of it.

The opposing initiative on gun control which will also be on the ballot this fall is Initiative 591. This initiative makes it illegal for any government agency to confiscate guns or other firearms from citizens. I-591 would also bar any expansion of background checks unless a national standard for gun control is set.

Both initiatives, according to The Elway Poll have received popular support. Since it is more than likely that both measures will pass, the supreme court will have to step up its game.

If Washington does succeed in implementing universal background checks, it would be following in the footsteps of Colorado, New York and a few other states.

This post was written by our summer engagement intern Amulya Cherala.