Voter Mobilization

We work to make sure all young folks are registered to vote, have the information they need to make educated decisions, and turn in their ballots!

We know that young people are a credible, valuable constituency, and that part of making our voices heard is through using our votes to express our values. The Bus builds political power for young people by ensuring that our generation is activated, engaged, and turning out for elections large and small.

First we make sure our peers are registered to vote, then we make sure they’re up to speed on the issues, and then we make sure they turn their ballots in.

Learn more about how we engage voters below.

Voter registration

Registering to vote is a critical step of engaging in the political process. That’s why we register thousands of voters each year on their campus and at events across the state.

Voter education

When it comes time to vote, we want to make sure that young folks know where and when to turn in their ballot and have the information they need to make educated decisions.

Voter turnout

Voter registration and education are most effective if folks turnout to vote! That’s why we work to make voting as accessible as possible, both on an individual and policy level.