Who We Are

We’re you. We’re young people here in Washington who want to make our state a better place. We know politics doesn’t happen only in Olympia or in a business suit – it happens everywhere we are, dressed in sneakers and hoodies. Or maybe a onesie…


The Washington Bus makes politics engaging, effective and fun. The Bus puts young Washingtonians in the driver’s seat and gives them the tools to be organizers, legislators and leaders. We catalyze the energy and enthusiasm of young people to create sustainable, positive change in Washington State through civic education, voter engagement, and leadership development.


The Washington Bus works towards a more equitable Washington, where young people have equal access to the public discourse. The Bus seeks a state where civic and political engagement is the norm, not the exception, for all Washingtonians.

Core Beliefs

People. Participation. Policy.


We believe in people. The Bus engages tomorrow’s leaders on their own terms, and empowers them through education, civic and cultural engagement, and hands-on democracy, and works to put the young people most often excluded from the political process at its center. We focus our resources on supporting leadership of young people from underrepresented communities: communities of color, young women, LGBTQ youth, working class youth, and first-generation students. Whether as first-time volunteers, new voters, effective legislators, or anywhere in between, the Bus invests in providing opportunities to develop the skills and opportunities of young people.


We believe in participation. The Bus works to ensure that all young Washingtonians actively engage in the civic life of our state. That means that all eligible Washingtonians should be registered to vote, informed on the issues, and turn in their ballots. Further, the Bus believes that young people statewide should have year-round opportunities to learn about, and be effective actors within, the public decision-making process that affects them.


We believe in policy. The Bus sees legislation and policy work as both an opportunity for young people to learn the inner workings of government and a necessary step in moving Washington forward.

Looking for our sister organization?

To best fulfill the full scope of our mission, ‘The Washington Bus’ header is comprised of two separate legal entities: The Washington Bus, a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, and The Washington Bus Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity.