Volunteer with (B)us!

The Bus runs on two things: 1) volunteers, and 2) volunteers.
Volunteers get opportunities to advocate and educate folks on policy issues that will affect them, register tons of people to vote, make sure folks know where and when to turn in their ballots, and join us to engage our community at fun events like Capitol Hill Block Party, Sasquatch, street fairs, and community events all over!

Volunteers are what fuel the Bus! We couldn’t do this work without you, the person who wants to make an active difference in Washington’s political world. We love you for volunteering, and we’re glad you’re here! After you sign up, one of the Bus program team staffers will reach out to you about upcoming opportunities. Please note that signing up through this form puts you on our volunteer list for both The Washington Bus and the Washington Bus Education Fund (see disclaimer for further information).