Candidate Endorsement Process for 2024

Hey Hey Community,

We have gotten a LOT of interest in our endorsements! Thank you all for checking in.

For candidates and their teams:

  • When: We will reach out after the Primary for General Election endorsements! We will not be doing Primary election endorsements.
  • What: Our endorsement comes with door knocking and voter contact. We will be stepping away from name only endorsements or phone-banking for candidates. Unfortunately, this limits the spread and number of our endorsements but increases the impact! So we will focus on some key regions to maximize our impact.
  • Where: we’re currently looking at those key regions being Spokane, Yakima, Clark, Pierce, Whatcom, and South King Counties, but that is subject to change.
  • Whomst: Legislative and Local candidates, with the potential for statewide as well.
  • Why: to fire up young people to get out the vote!

For Youth and other Volunteers:

  • Wanna be involved? We will be making deliberations in September over 2 meetings at our office:
    • September 7th is all about how to look into candidates. What’s the PDC?
    • September 14th we take all this knowledge and deliberate on endorsements.
  • We’ll also have many events for those endorsed candidates through October!