Voter turnout

Turn out for what?!?

Voter registration and education are most effective if folks turnout to vote! That’s why we work to make voting as accessible as possible, both on an individual and policy level.


Our generation’s voice matters!

The Bus works to increase access for all people to have their voice heard in the civic process. We run cutting-edge voter contact campaigns, using the latest tools and tactics to activate our community of young people, and help them become the great voters they want to be. We know that the single most effective way to increase turnout is face to face contact, and real, authentic relationships. Our voter turnout work is built on trust, community, and hard work.

But we know that building relationships with our community is only part of the puzzle! We also have to work to make voting more accessible on a systematic level.

Voter suppression is a real thing!

We’ve seen how voter ID laws, poor or too few polling locations, and voter purging can negatively impact people’s ability to participate in our political system. Our democracy works best when everyone can participate. That’s why the Bus has been at the helm fighting for the Washington State Voting Rights Act, and things like pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds, automatic voter registration, same day registration, and more ballot drop boxes. When everyone has equal access to our democracy, we can have a bigger collective impact on the issues facing our communities.