Legislative advocacy

We work in collaboration with elected officials, partner organizations, and coalitions to advance democracy access and issues of justice in the legislature.
Our legislative advocacy work has the benefit of meeting two goals for us – advancing justice and democracy access at the state level through good policy, and providing a hands-on experience for youth to learn about the inner workings of government and how to advocate for their beliefs.

Democracy done right

Our democracy works best when everyone regardless of their age, income level, or race has their voice heard and their vote counted. However, there are still barriers for young people to realize their full political power. We are building voting systems that work for all of us.

Pre-K to BA, slay

Every person, regardless of race, income, or immigration status deserves a high quality education. However, right now most students’ basic needs are not being met and higher education is inaccessible. By investing in our education systems we are investing in all students by ensuring needed housing, food, materials, counseling services to achieve their educational aspirations.

Tax the rich, fund the people

Our tax code is the most regressive in the United States and it lets the people with the most money get away with paying the least. This is not sustainable or fair. By fixing our upside tax code and putting money into the hands of everyday people, we are building an economy that allows all of us to achieve our goals and dreams. 

Let youth thrive

Our young people deserve a world that has clean air and water, housing for all, and workers rights. We are building a world where youth are able to thrive.

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