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2022 General Election Youth Endorsement Leadership League Endorsements


The Youth Endorsement Leadership League has their endorsements for the general election! Keep an eye out for these endorsed candidates and ballot issues across WA!

Things to know about Ballot Measures: There are a few charter amendments and a few Propositions/Initiatives on the ballot across Washington that are really important to pay attention to, because they will change the way we vote, the representation we get, or raise the bar for minimum wage. 

  • In King County: 
    • Everyone in King County can vote YES for Charter Amendment 1 to move certain county elections to even years. Why? Voter turnout among young people and communities of color are significantly higher in even years than odd years. Our elected officials should be elected when the most people are turning out so that we can have a more representative democracy. 
    • In Tukwila, voters can support raising the wage to a livable one! With the rising cost of living in King County as a whole— and as we enter another recession— it’s more important than ever that we support workers in our community with living wage jobs! Vote Yes on Initiative 1
    • In Seattle, voters can bring Rank Choice Voting to Seattle Elections! We’re excited for RCV and have been working at the Legislative level to bring it back to Washington. Right now Seattle is one of 3 jurisdictions working on it right now. But the ballot question is a doozy so let me break it down. There are two options on the table and two questions to answer. The first question asks “Should either of these measures be enacted into law?”, aka should we change our elections? We say, YES! The second question is “Regardless of whether you voted yes or no above, if one of these measures is enacted, which one should it be?”, to which we emphatically support voting for 1B aka RCV.  Again, that’s YES on question 1, and 1B for question 2 and you gotta vote for both parts to bring RCV to Seattle! 
  • Clark County can vote to bring RCV to Southwest Washington in a much simpler fashion! There’s a number of charter amendments proposed that would affect elections and governance in Clark County. The first one on the ballot is Proposed Charter Amendment 10 Concerning Ranked Choice Voting. An Approved vote is all you need to get RCV.
  • San Juan County will also be able to get RCV by voting Approve on Charter Amendment Proposition 3! It is also one of several charter amendments proposed in San Juan County.


LD 18 Rep Pos. 1 John Zingale
LD 26 State Senator Emily Randall 
LD 27 State Senator Yasmin Trudeau
LD 29 Rep Pos. 2 Sharlett Mena
LD 30 State Senator Claire Wilson
LD 30 Rep Pos. 2 Kristine Reeves
LD 34 Rep Pos. 1 Leah Griffin
LD 34 State Senator Joe Nguyen
LD 36 State Senator Noel Frame
LD 36 Rep Pos. 1 Julia G. Reed
LD 37 Rep Pos. 2 Emijah Smith
LD 37 State Senator Rebecca Saldaña
LD 42 State Senator Sharon Shewmake
LD 43 Rep Pos. 2 Frank Chopp
LD 46 Rep Pos. 2 Darya Farivar
LD 47 Rep Pos. 2 Shukri Olow
LD 47 State Senator Claudia Kauffman
LD 47 Rep Pos. 1 Debra Jean Entenman
County Prosecuting Attorney Leesa Manion
COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT NO. 5 Commissioner District 5 Maggie Yates


All of these candidates were endorsed because when the YELL team (a group of 10 young participants) read their questionnaires and learned about the issues facing communities across Washington and the work candidates wanted to do to address them, they were impressed.  

Read more about some of the reasons YELL was excited about some of the candidates below, by YELL participant Saba Mir: 

26 State Senator Emily Randall

  • YELL loved her for many reasons but especially because she’s a Queer Latina, passionate about healthcare access; she talks about intersectionality in depth, supports all voting reforms we’re excited about, and connects housing to jobs.
  • “Protecting and expanding voting rights is essential. The past few years we’ve done great work in eliminating barriers to voting, including automatically restoring voting rights to formerly incarcerated folks was a huge win for our democracy. I will support policies that restore this fundamental right and support policies that make voting even more accessible.” 

30 State Representative Pos. 2 Kristine Reeves

  • YELL was excited about Reeves’ past legislative experience in passing paid family medical leave policies, and her commitment to support affordable child care.

30 State Senator Claire Wilson 

  • YELL is excited about Wilson’s commitment to fight against corporate tax loopholes, and her focus on educational equity.

34 State Representative Pos. 1 Leah Griffin

  • YELL was incredibly impressed with Griffin’s extensive legislative experience in reforming how survivors of sexual violence interact with the criminal legal system because of the ways in which these systems have failed survivors in the past.
  • YELL was excited about Griffin’s commitment to youth political participation, and her extensive experience working with youth.

36 State Senator Noel Frame

  • YELL was excited to hear about Frame’s passion for improving the existing tax code, and her interest in student debt forgiveness.
  • Representative Frame has been a strong advocate for young people and economic justice in the House and we’re excited to see her continue this work in the Senate.

36 State Representative Pos. 1 Julia G. Reed

  • YELL was impressed by Reed’s commitment to investing in education of all levels to ensure mental health support and to make students aware of pathways to employment post-graduation.

37 State Representative Pos. 2 Emijah Smith

  • YELL was impressed with Smith’s tangible commitment to anti-racism and centering marginalized voices. Her team is made up of diverse community members with intersectional experiences with marginalization. 
  • YELL was excited to hear about her campaign’s focus on voter registration as a form of racial justice, and her interest in extending voting rights regardless of immigration status. 

43 State Representative Pos. 2 Frank Chopp

  • YELL was impressed with the way Chopp’s experiences being a first generation college student from a low-income background inform his commitment to free higher education for low-income students, and his commitment to equity in educational systems. 

46 State Representative Pos. 2 Darya Farivar

  • YELL was excited to endorse a candidate with so much experience with disability rights and public policy. 
  • YELL was also impressed with Farivar’s commitment to youth empowerment, and her legislative experience at the intersection of the criminal legal system, substance use, mental illness, and homelessness.

47 State Representative Pos. 2 Shukri Olow

  • YELL was so excited to hear from Shukri and was really impressed by the work she’s done already and the perspective she’ll bring to Olympia. 
  • “Our youth have such a vital perspective on our most pressing issues – on climate, on transit, and on education, they are some of the most immediate stakeholders. For BIPOC and Indigenous youth, in particular, our legislators need to hear their voices, and act in their interests.”

Prosecuting Attorney Leesa Manion

  • “I know we have a lot of work to do to create a criminal justice system that serves all our communities. It starts with elevating diverse perspectives and by fostering compassion and grace in the face of difference. Systemic change requires communication and collaboration.”
  • YELL is excited to endorse the most experienced candidate and one that will not only move the needle forward on Criminal Justice Reform, but also would be the first Woman of Color to hold the position! 

Spokane Commissioner District 5 Maggie Yates

  • YELL enjoyed hearing about Maggie’s commitments to centering equity in climate justice efforts, and was excited about her educational and work experience with law and public policy. 
  • By electing Maggie Yates, we have the opportunity to replace incumbent Al French and shift the decades-long Republican control of the Spokane County Commission.

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