Legislative advocacy

We work in collaboration with elected officials, partner organizations, and coalitions to advance democracy access and issues of justice in the legislature.
Our legislative advocacy work has the benefit of meeting two goals for us – advancing justice and democracy access at the state level through good policy, and providing a hands-on experience for youth to learn about the inner workings of government and how to advocate for their beliefs.

Tax the rich, fund the people

Our tax code is the most regressive in the United States and it lets the people with the most money get away with paying the least. This is not sustainable or fair. By implementing a small tax on the assets that exceed one billion, we can start turning our tax code around.

At the minimum, every person in Washington should be able to make ends meet. We have seen that the single best way to support folks is putting money directly in their pockets. The Guaranteed Basic Income Trust gives a guaranteed income to people making less than 50% of the annual median income enough money to afford a two bedroom apartment.

College equity

The United States Congress did not deliver the Build Back Better bill which included Cost Free College, so we are starting at the state level. Starting in the 2023-2024 school year, the College Grant would increase the number of public college students receiving the maximum reward and also include bridge grants for expenses beyond tuition and fees. 

Protect the vote

The key to a healthy democracy is when we can have everyone who can vote do so, but there are still almost a million eligible Washingtonians who are not registered to vote. We are breaking down barriers to civic participation by enhancing our Automatic Voter Registration system, ending odd year elections, and eliminating advisory votes. Time has shown that odd year elections have lower turnout of younger, Black, Idigenous, and Voters of Color. Advisory votes alienate and disenfranchise voters who feel like they need to be tax experts. Eliminating advisory votes allows voters to focus on the issues that matter on the ballot.

Our current winner-takes-all system encourages voters to vote for who they think will win, rather than who they want to. In order to ensure all voters’ voices are heard we support allowing cities and counties to use alternative voting methods such as rank choice voting and proportional representation to ensure that we all have fair representation in our local governments.

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