Candidate Survivor

Candidate forum done differently.

Candidate Survivor is unlike any other political forum – it’s a one-of-a-kind political extravaganza that brought you council member Tim Burgess rapping and Mike McGinn juggling. In between critical policy questions you will find haikus, a talent show, and maybe even a dance-off, highlighting both policy platforms and hidden talents of candidates in our city’s most crowded races.

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The Washington Bus, The Stranger, Capitol Hill Block Party, and Neumos are proud to present the fourth-ever Candidate Survivor. As the August 1st primary draws near, Candidate Survivor will give young Seattleites a fresh look at the top 8-voted mayoral candidates you want to hear from. Candidate Survivor gives you the power to decide who stays on stage and who goes. That’s right, the audience will be voting to determine which mayoral candidate will survive.

Invite all your friends on Facebook, and grab your tickets online from Neumos!

There are 21 candidates for mayor this year. Six are considered serious contenders: Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, lawyer and educator Nikkita Oliver, urban planner Cary Moon, State Sen. Bob Hasegawa, Former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan and State Rep. Jessyn Farrell.

Space constraints mean we can invite two more. Here is where you come in. Head over to The Stranger’s online poll to help select our full lineup for Candidate Survivor!

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